Charlie Hutto, Financial Advisor

"I used to be stressed out working long evenings cold calling house-to-house. I really missed family time with my wife and two boys. On top of that, I wasn't able to bring myself to ask for referrals and was working my head off with too many unprofitable clients.
"All that turned around after working with Stan. He taught me more effective prospecting activities. I am now getting more profitable high-end clients and have exceeded my asset goals for the year. What's more, I easily ask for referrals at every opportunity. In fact, I enjoy it.
What I enjoy even more is having six more evening hours a week to spend with my family. I love the lower stress lifestyle." Charlie Hutto, Financial Advisor

Lauren Peterson, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Stan worked with me to upgrade my marketing approach and to launch a direct marketing campaign to business owners.
Previously, I stayed in my comfort zone of marketing to COIs and accepting all clients. With Stan keeping me accountable,
I have a targeted niche, profile and branding statement for HNW qualified prospects. Without Stan, I would be repeating old habits.
Stan is worth the investment or should I say investment in myself.
Five new clients in two months.
I was expanding into higher end markets in a new territory and with coaching to target qualified clients. Just in my first two months of coaching, I was able to clarify my ideal clients, have meetings with them and acquire five new high net worth clients.Lauren Peterson, Senior Vice President, Private Client Advisor
U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Katherine Morosani, at Carol L King & Associates, PA

Before I was at a Broker dealer that wasn't supportive and commission based.
Now I am with a firm that provides me a secure income. With my new firm, I find working with my clients fulfilling, rewarding, and creates positive experiences.
Now I have a huge potential to grow even more and earn 7 figures in the next 4 years.
Stan helped me improve my marketing materials and net working skills. I appreciate his emotional support during some stressful times.
I would highly recommend Stan and his processes to help others maximize their potential.Katherine Morosani, Financial Advisor

Ronald Jones, Irongate Wealth Management

I was pretty discouraged before working with Stan. My prospecting activities were not very effective and I was uncertain about what to do or say.
Then Stan helped me target a niche and develop a prospecting plan. I found it very helpful when we focused on using scripts for prospecting, following up and getting appointments. I knew exactly what to say and I started getting better results. This was a big boost to my self-confidence.
I recommend him to other financial advisors and small business owners who want to take their business to the next level.Ronald Jones

Chris Arnold, President & CEO at MRI the CA Partners

"I was struggling, indecisive and isolated. Then I hired business coach Stan. Sales sky rocketed 147% in just 4 months while my stress levels fell dramatically. My personal life also improved immensely.
Stan has always been there to help me through all of life's challenging situations, both business wise and personally. I'd highly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance especially personal coaching.
Dear Stan,
I want to thank you for helping me to get my business back on track.
When we first got together, my executive recruitment business had stalled. After several years of successful growth, all the vitality seemed to have gone out of it. I could barely force myself to make the sales calls which are so vital to the success of my business. I had become plagued with self-doubt, and was under enormous stress. Family problems made things worse. There seemed to be no answer.
Then, I was lucky enough to find you. You helped restore my self-confidence and my motivation using many of the techniques shown in your book, "Triggers." Prospects seemed to be more interested in doing business with me, which I attribute to my renewed self-confidence. My stress levels dropped dramatically, and my personal life improved enormously.
But the best results were the tremendous increase in my business, 147% for the first year, in a sluggish economy. In 2008, we grew our revenue 54% over our solid 2007 results. We have now moved into the top 200, out of 1,100 MRI worldwide offices. We added more Account Executives (up to 4), and have set a goal to reach 18-20 in the next two years. And 2009 has started with a bang!
I also must tell you that your coaching got me through a most difficult time in my life, and certainly helped me get to where I am today. Thanks so much!Chris Arnold
President and CEO

Vincent Linz, Dentist Financial Advisor

"Stan Mann is uniquely qualified as an advisor consultant. He brings a lifetime of experience and success to his coaching clients. Beyond that, he is a remarkable role model and mentor. Anyone fortunate enough to make his acquaintance will be the better for it.
If you have the opportunity to work with Stan, just do it."Vincent Linz, DDS

Scott Gallegos, Wholesale Account Executive

Stan has my highest recommendations! Each time I've spoken with him another light bulb clicks on and I'm able to see my career path with clarity and walk it with more confidence. Thank you, Stan!
I look forward to our next conversation.Scott Gallegos

Gerald Klarr, Chief Engineer, Ford Motor Company

"My performance coaching sessions with Stan were invaluable. I received focused, impartial feedback. He helped me be at my best during a very important, longterm international project and contributed to my getting a great promotion.
I often consult the ideas on leadership and focus that we developed. I learned instant stress reduction techniques that enable me to remain clear-headed in high pressure situations. Hearing how other Solution Coaching clients solved challenges similar to mine was a big plus. Another bonus was learning how to get better performances from my people.
In summary, our coaching relationship has had a positive, lifelong effect on my career and personal life."Gerald Klarr

Joe Schodowski, CEO, shelving.com

"My brother Jim and I have benefited immensely from our sessions with Stan. Faced with the challenges of adding a new division, Stan helped us with many knotty problems-from solving interpersonal issues, to creating more effective management systems that save us tons of precious time."Joe Schodowski
CEO, shelving.com

Tom Daly, Marketing Consultant, T.G. Daly & Associates, Inc.

"I have never written a testimonial like this, but I feel that I must. I started working with Stan Mann several months ago to help me focus my efforts to increase my business in more profitable areas.
This might seem a little strange, because I am a marketing consultant. My business is helping other businesses increase their sales, and I'm pretty good at it. I already had so much business that I had no free time left. So, why work with Stan?
The problem was the kind of business that I had. It didn't contribute enough towards my overhead, and I hated what I was doing. It wasn't taking me where I wanted to go. Yet, I kept getting the same type of clients, again and again. You'd think that an expert like me should be able to change the type of business that I attracted. I certainly had the skills. So what was wrong?
What was wrong was the way I was looking at my business. The issues were all in my mind. Stan worked with me until I realized what was affecting my decisions and judgments. He gave me some simple questions to ask myself which ultimately helped me avoid the wrong kinds of businesses.
Once Stan gave me the key, my workload dropped dramatically. I was no longer working on dead-end stuff. The right kinds of businesses started to develop for me. I started to feel good about what I was doing and it seemed so easy-with little effort compared to a few months ago.
Stan made it easy, but that's because he custom fit his approach to me, and does so for each person he works with. If you are a highly talented individual who is frustrated by your inability to accomplish what you want, and unable to understand why, then you need to work with Stan. In a much shorter time than you think, you can be finding your way to much better results."Tom Daly
Marketing Consultant, T.G. Daly & Associates, Inc.

Rick Ruby, CEO, The CORE Training, Inc.

"Go see Stan. I spent a lot of money with him-some of the best money I have ever spent in my life.
I highly, highly recommend him."Rick Ruby
CEO, The CORE Training, Inc.

Jeff Hampton, Beta Sales & Marketing, Inc.

"Before Stan's coaching, I dreaded getting out of my bed and going to my office. l knew that nothing good was going to happen. Now I get up eagerly to go to work because good things are happening.
I had three huge sales in ten days. My business is no longer in jeopardy. My faith in myself is restored. I feel like the guy scoring a touchdown and spiking the ball."Jeff Hampton
CEO, TheBeta Sales & Marketing, Inc

Rick Rummage, the Rummage Group

Stan is an incredible coach with in-depth knowledge of the human mind. Most Financial Advisors already know the different marketing strategies, but the real issues are which ones really work and why are they not implementing them? Stan is a unique Coach who will not only show the advisors which strategies are best for them, but he will also help them understand what is stopping them from implementation.
Most advisors are holding themselves back and Stan is the only coach I know who will help them release their inner tiger. What an awesome man he is!Rick Rummage

Sonny Ridgewell (CII)(CISI), Risk Management & Financial Consultant

Stan, really is the Mann ?? Having read many of his articles and reports I find them extremely useful and when I have needed it the most, truly inspiring. Even for the seasoned advisors(which I am not) it's always good to have a refresher course on the basics. For me personally I found the tip on referrals("Top 7 mistakes an advisor makes") very useful. It's an area I definitely shy away from as I have felt previously, how can I possibly ask to be referred to someone until I have actually added value? I assumed incorrectly, that value was only added once I started to make the client money and of course that is not the case.
I have spent much of my apprenticeship servicing old/existing, somewhat disgruntled clients. In most cases it has been a task of rebuilding trust in both my company and trust in financial advisors as a whole and I have used this fact as a crutch and allowed myself not to make the most of acquiring referrals. Of course depending on how the first meeting goes it isn't always feasible to ask for or get referrals, but I feel I am definitely improving.
Thanks again Stan for sharing all your experiences with us mere mortals, it really has been and always is very useful. Whether your brand new to the industry or ten years in.....take a moment and read his blog.Sonny Ridgewell

David Mayer, owner at videoburst

I hired Stan prior to the launch of my web video company video-burst in order to assist with marketing strategy and tactics. I knew that power networking and social media were going to be essential elements in jump starting the company, but I needed someone to consult with on a regular basis in order to clarify the big picture, bring all the different pieces together and keep me on task.
Stan Mann was my business coach for a crucial transition period in my business. The great thing about Stan is that his broad experience makes him a very good listener on many different levels at once. He is flexible, listens very carefully and responds to what is going on week to week. For example, when I needed help with personal blocks that were getting in the way of growing my company, Stan knew what to do. When I needed help with pure business strategy, he was able to help there, too. I recommend him without reservation.David Mayer,

Robert Dickinson, Product Support Representative at ParishSOFT

I hired Stan to help me with my own personal and business goals. He kept me on track to reach my goals and objectives. An example of how Stan helped me was with the negotiations with my landlord. Stan gave me some very good advise which translated into thousands of dollars in savings on my lease payments. Stan can guide anyone that is willing to want to go the extra mile.
Robert Dickinson

Sharon Oliver, M.D. Whole Life and Health Center

"Stan's coaching has helped me become more organized-benefiting my patients as well as myself. My income is doubling. My mind is clearer, my energy higher and my heart lighter. I'm starting to turn my dreams into reality.
Stan gave me effective marketing ideas that doubled my patient visits, helped me be much more effective with my staff so they improved their performances, and gave me better support. He gave me goals and direction and held me accountable. He even helped me make my home life better. I eagerly look forward to our talks."
Sharon Oliver,
M.D. Whole Life and Health Center

T. Scott Kreinbring, CEO, Parkside Credit Union, Livonia, MI

"My experience with Stan was very positive and beneficial. I most appreciated the ability to discuss nagging, and new, issues with an impartial and uninvolved party. It's not just about getting it off your chest that helps, it's Stan's trained ability to listen and ask the right questions. Very often, I hear the question and think "That is a great question!"
or me, it was about looking at things differently, or more thoroughly. Anybody thinking that Stan's business coaching services may be beneficial is absolutely correct."
T. Scott Kreinbring
CEO, Parkside Credit Union, Livonia, MI

Steven Rothke, PhD. Neurobehavioral & Rehabilitation Network, Inc.

"Choosing Stan Mann as a coach was an excellent decision for me. His ideas and approaches are practical and realistic and he's helped me develop new avenues of creative thinking and marketing approaches.? I highly recommend Solution Coaching to anyone who wants to succeed more quickly."
Steven Rothke
PhD. Neurobehavioral & Rehabilitation Network, Inc.

Jim Aiello, Vice President of Sales, Shelving Inc.

"Stan's coaching provided me with alternative ideas and detailed plans of approach toward organizing my priorities. Stan also taught me how to incorporate my personal driving factors and "triggers" to utilize my self-enthusiasm and dedication toward achieving my goals. I found Stan's coaching and guidance to be both inspiring and motivating. His efforts have allowed me to build more authentic relationships with my customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, associates and employees. Stan's efforts have enabled me to create a more productive team. I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for constructive feedback and structured plans for improvement. Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative."
Jim Aiello
Vice President of Sales, Shelving Inc.

Dorothy Kitts, Associate Director, Northwood University

"My intuition and observations about my staff members' performances were totally supported by Stan's assessments. Now I understand why my people were underperforming and I have specific ideas and procedures to correct the problem."
Dorothy Kitts
Associate Director, Northwood University

Jessop M. McDonnel, M.D., Ocean Beach Medical Clinic

"Stan's coaching helped me to improve my practice tremendously. I became more confident, organized and efficient. I went from doing ten to twenty operations a month to over forty a month. In addition, I feel great."
Jessop M. McDonnel
M.D., Ocean Beach Medical Clinic